Morel Mushrooms for Sale

We specialize in the sales of the freshest Midwestern yellow morel (sponge) mushrooms. For 8 years, our family has taken pride in supplying high-quality, fresh morels for sale to our clients, with first-class client service.
Our objective is to deliver the morel mushrooms for sale to our customers within 24-48 hours of being picked in the wild. Morels selected at night are in the air at 7 am or in a delivery van at 1 am on a regular day-to-day basis!
We are certified and certified by the State of New Jersey and follow food handling required practices. All of our items are organic, grown in the wild, and picked by hundreds of “hunters” around the Midwest.
There is much mystique surrounding the art of finding or “hunting” wild morels, which is why we can’t tell you precisely where they originate from– we do not understand! Our pickers keep their preferred areas a trick from even us!
Looking Forward to another fun, interesting and satisfying season, seeing old faces, hearing brand-new stories, and getting caught up in that familiar Morel Fever!

Morels Mushrooms store has been offering fresh morel mushrooms for 8 years. In our first year offering morel mushrooms online, we delivered 12 pounds. This season we delivered 2,200 pounds! During our first few years in business, we struggled as we had many deliveries go bad.

There were a few years we had a hard time making ends meet. After sticking it out through the years we managed to get much better each year by listening to our consumer’s feedback. Even today we are making small modifications to better our service. Getting our consumers the best morels possible delivered to their door is our main goal. We ship our morels mushrooms for sale to all states in the USA and a select few other countries.

Morel Mushrooms

Black Morel


Morel Mushrooms

Half Free Morel


Morel Mushrooms

Yellow Morel


Morels for sale

Our number one rule: Sell your morels as soon as possible after picking them. Mushrooms contain a lot of water, so dehydration costs you quality and weight and therefore Money!

Other guidelines to follow if you want to sell your morels:

1. Do NOT wash them!

2. Keep mushrooms as dry and cool as possible. Refrigerate if not selling the same day as picked. Even refrigerate them if a few hours lapse after picking and before selling.

3. Keep mushrooms out of direct sunlight.

4. Cut morels off at ground level. This protects the mycelium and more morels will grow.

5. Keep dirt, sticks and grass out of the container you are putting the morels in.

6. Do not crush by stacking mushrooms too deep.

7. Do not use plastic bags for picking—morels have extremely active enzymes that generate heat like silage. Instead:

A. use paper grocery sacks or plastic baskets with holes

B. use cardboard boxes that are not waxed or

C. use a plastic pail that you have drilled holes in for ventilation

8. If it is windy and morels are full of sand, do not pick these. We cannot sell sandy mushrooms…which means we will NOT buy them from you!

9. Bring your mushrooms to one of our buying stations as soon as you possibly can. This cannot be stressed enough. During mushroom season, we are open 7 days a week for your convenience.